Welcome Aboard
the Carson

In 3248 The Interstellar Cohort commissioned a small interstellar probe operated by a highly advanced artificial intelligence which sent back data from the Outer Arm regarding the origins of a fast radio burst that’s been transmitting for millennia before mankind walked upright. One planet, two moons, and a bizarre space station filled with a profundity of organic life, seemingly hospitable to humans, are all echoing the signature of that transmission.

Most importantly, there is the potential for discovery — profitable discovery.

Mega-company Aileron Dynamics has recruited 125 individuals for a one way trip to the farthest reaches of the Milky Way to investigate these findings. This cadre of misfit geniuses, rogue dreamers, and disgraced scientists hired to crew the advanced Carson SR Vessel have the opportunity to push human understanding of the universe beyond its boundaries.

Everyone has a reason to be on board The Carson — and all of them have their secrets.



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Thanks for opening this. You don’t know me, but you were chosen to receive this message because you are outside of the Interstellar Cohort’s network and because once you have all the details, you MIGHT just be able to help get the word out.

This message is part of an internal communications system within the Cohort. I’ve set you up with an external access account. It’s something like a general contractor. The Cohort has millions of these that allow vendors they hire to communicate with Cohort employees on official business. However, there are so many of these accts, that the Cohort couldn’t possibly monitor them all and they are typically only flagged for review when containing specific phrases deemed of importance to the Cohort.

To avoid that flagging (they don’t know I have their flag database), we hacked one of their advertising transmissions and embedded a message for you. Please listen and there will be more transmissions to follow as soon as I can perfect my code to discreetly split internal messages and send them to two locations (their intended recipient and a 2nd “masked” location).

I know that’s a lot of info, but I wanted to give you as much knowledge as I could so you understand where this is all coming from and that precautions have been taken to make sure your identity and location are not compromised.

We need you.



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